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At ICBM we endeavour to offer personalised service to each and every customer. We have remained small as so we can offer this level of service and never loose sight of the bigger picture.

In this line of work communication is essential. We won't use technical terms that will baffle you therefore all services will be explained in plain simple english before we start. We are not happy if you don't know exactly what you are getting for your money.

ICBM Webdesign was started in 1996 in Sydney by David Auld. David studyed Environmental Science at Southern Cross University then achieving HD's in Visual Basic, C++, HTML, Javascript and Active Server Pages at Northern Territory University. During this time ICBM was set up as a hobby business and as more and more job offers started comming in, he officially set up the business trading as ICBM Digital Media.

This is our old logo from 1996 -1998

old logo

This is the next logo 1998 - 2004

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This is our current logo



We use and reccommend Hotdog Professional HTML editing tools. See what other tools we use.

I am pleased that you want to know more about ICBM. We are always looking for self motivated web designers who are looking for casual work on commission basis. If you think you have what it takes, email me or call on 0419147198.


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